Summer Schedule

Effective June 27th - Sept. 3rd, 2019

Please note that our dojo will be closed from Aug. 22nd - Sept. 2nd. Classes will our regular fall schedule will resume Sept. 3rd. Have a great summer!


3:45-4:30 - Little Dragons

5-5:45 - All Level Kids Karate


5-5:45 - All Level Kids Karate

6-7 - Adults Karate

Fall Schedule


4-4:45 pm - Beginner's Kids Karate -

5-5:45 pm - Intermediate Kids Karate


3:45-4:30 - Little Dragons

5-5:45 - Advanced Kids Karate



 4-4:45 - Beginner’s Kids Karate

5-5:45 - Intermediate Kids Karate

6-7 - Adults Karate


5-5:45 - Open Level Kids' Karate - open to all level kids with the exception of Little Dragons

6-7 - Adults Karate


No Classes



No Class.  Go play outside.

Little Dragons Karate


This is a specially customized program for our youngest students, aged 4-6. This class will prepare your child for skills necessary not only for further development in Martial Arts, but for a balanced development in life. Our Little Dragons program focuses on discipline, coordination, balance, teamwork, control, fitness, memory, and focus. Through a series of fun and engaging exercises and games we will teach our students not only the importance of what these eight words mean, but how to cultivate them in their lives. Little Dragons are taught how to take these lessons and apply them at home and school, typically we find that the teachers and parents of our students report an increased ability to listen, share, and engage attentively in other learning activities. We focus on the importance of learning respect, not just in class, but in all areas of life. Posture and body alignment are key concepts which we believe are of utmost importance for healthy physical development, and there is no better age to create such habits! This program will prepare your child to embrace learning and confidence in all areas of their life.

There is an extremely limited class size for this program. We feel that a small group size works best for children this age, so we are currently only accepting 10 students per class for the Little Dragons. On occasion there is a waitlist to get into this program.

Please contact us today to check our availability for the Little Dragons, and to set up your child’s one week free trial session!

Beginner Kids Karate


We are currently offering three types of beginner’s classes which are separated based on age level. In our beginner’s classes our students are introduced to the spirit and philosophy of Martial Arts as they begin to learn their basic techniques. We focus on respect, discipline, fitness, body alignment, and teamwork. We promote conflict avoidance and endeavour to teach our kids the difference between self-defence and fighting. The spirit of Martial Arts has always traditionally been in teaching a balanced and holistic way of life through karate practice. In modern times (particularly in Western culture), many schools have begun to focus on sport fighting and the teaching of how to win a fight, rather than the traditional morality and ethics of karate. Here at Okinawan Traditional Martial Arts, we teach our students how to develop their body, while training their mind to learn control, acceptance of one’s self and others, and personal discipline. We incorporate many techniques which teach the children the importance of posture and correct use of body through interactive and experiential anatomy and alignment. History and philosophy are also a critical part of our program, teaching our students the deeper meaning and applications of the techniques they will be learning. In this way we teach the kids to engage not only their body, but their mind and spirit as well.

This integrative approach to teaching will ensure that we are not only pursing fitness and sport, but will also help your child find a sense of balance and self-confidence as they grow. They will learn how to interact with the world around them in way which shows respect and discipline in all areas of their life including home, school, and social activities.

Please contact us today to set up your one week free trial to see if this program is right for your child!

Intermediate Kids Karate


Once your child begins to develop in coordination, basic technique, and strength, they will be ready to move into their intermediate level of training. New techniques introduce a level of skill, balance, and focus that will help to prepare students for a more advanced practice. By this point of training, the children have already learned to understand how teamwork and respect enhance their practice and ability. The basic movements are becoming natural, and the children are working together cohesively in a safe and fun manor. Now it is time to improve blocking and punching techniques with a partner, learning respect, accuracy, and reaction. Technique becomes more refined as students learn that it is through discipline, hard work, and patience that one becomes skilled in something. 

Advanced Kids Karate


Once your child has reached a certain level in their training, they will move into our advanced program. By the time a child is ready for this class, they will know all of their basic karate techniques and kata (forms), and they will have demonstrated a solid competency in respect, discipline, and teamwork. They will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of fitness, body alignment, and posture. From this point they will be ready to expand their knowledge and application of the Martial Arts. In this class we teach more difficult techniques that will challenge the children’s coordination, balance, and mental control. We will begin to teach them the more advanced application of their karate technique and will begin to improve their intensity and efficiency of movement. We will begin to teach them the more in-depth philosophies of karate to challenge their mind, and to enable them to really contemplate the meaning behind what they are doing as they work towards achieving their Black Belt.

It is at this level of training that students will begin to learn the importance of breath control, as well as the anatomy and process behind breathing in the body. The breath is the vital key of a healthy and balanced life, and will teach the children early on in life how to cope with stress, preventing symptoms of anxiety as they learn to deal with the pressures of everyday life in today’s fast pace and often demanding environment. This focus on breath control, in combination with the continued development of strength, posture, technique and philosophy, will help your child develop in a balanced manner as they continue to grow and progress in life and in Martial Arts.

Adult's Karate

This program is suitable for students age 15 and up, regardless of skill level or previous experience. The style of traditional karate practiced in our dojo is Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-Do. We are a fully licensed and registered school under the International Meibukan Karate-Do Association, and as such we strive to uphold the integrity and spirit of this art within our school. 

This is not an MMA class, but rather is a traditional karate class mirrored after the teachings taught to us by our masters in Okinawa, Japan. This style of Karate trains the body, mind, and spirit. Through correct application of biomechanics and movement, this class will teach you a direct form of self defense while strengthening every aspect of your being. 

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