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The Victoria branch of the Meibukan opened in 2014 and is currently the only school to offer Meibukan Gojyu-ryu Karate-do in the city. The club's aim is to pass on the Okinawan tradition of karate-do and the teachings of the Yagi family, who created the Meibukan. This means creating a safe and positive environment where children and adults alike can practice physical fitness and self-defence, as well as politeness and respect, and sharpen their minds with traditional Okinawan philosophies. Our number one goal as Meibukai (students of Meibukan) is to be good people and to contribute to society.



Victoria Meibukan is a proud member of the International Meibukan Gojyu-ryu Karate-do Association ( and Karate BC ( Victoria Meibukan would also like to acknowledge the support of Brock Vickerson sensei (, and the family at Okinawan Traditional Martial Arts: Jim Heppner sensei, Erin Jacob sensei, and Amber Jacob sensei.

Training Schedule

Nin - Endure

Nin - Endure

Sundays at the Braefoot Community Centre (1359 McKenzie Ave):

4pm – 5pm:  Kids' class (starting September 7th)

5pm – 6:30pm:  Adults' class


Wednesdays at the Victoria West Community Centre (521 Craigflower Road):

5pm – 6:30pm: Adults' class

About Alexander Simon Sensei

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Alexander Simon began studying Gojyu-ryu Karate in 1997, and Meibukan in 2001. He received his primary instruction in Canada from Brock Vickerson sensei in PEI, and has studied under many members of the Yagi family. He has trained across Canada and in the US and Okinawa. Alexander currently holds a Sandan (third-degree black belt), certified by the IMGKA.

Contact Information

Phone: 778-350-9953


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