Okinawan Traditional Martial Arts is a family run school which seeks to instil a sense of community and teamwork in the lives of all our members. Our journey together began like most, as white belts in our first Karate lessons. We spent many years training together, achieved our Black Belts, and travelled to Okinawa, the birth place of Karate, to train with some of the most experienced and insightful practitioners of our time. We were amazed to learn the depth of the history and philosophy behind this art, and realized that the essential nature of Karate has often been overlooked in western culture.  Enthused and inspired we decided to pursue a path to cultivate a practice and study of Karate which embodied not only its physical aspects, but also the deeper philosophies of mind and spirit inherent in the Okinawan traditions. We dreamed of a school which would value the quality and character of its students over the necessity for trophies and commercial profit.

Okinawan Traditional Martial Arts
20306 Dewdney Trunk rd. #5 Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3E2
Phone: 7788883746

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